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art and health:
real medicine for the soul

Eurythmy offerings as performing art, social art, everyday exercise, and much more. All my offerings can be arranged for group or individual needs. Eurythmy exercises have far-reaching health benefits for all ages. One may also benefit from eurythmy exercises to help one's artistic work in music and speech art. See below for some ideas of suggested offerings. ​


Contact me for a free introductory discussion and to learn about how eurythmy movements can benefit your life.

Strength, Calm and Center

Eurythmy exercise for everyday health

Invigorate and Enliven

Strengthen Body and Soul

Private one-on-one Lesson for Individual Needs

Eurythmy exercise for adults

Healthy Development/Nurture Interest for Life

Eurythmy exercise for children

Support and Enlighten Eurythmy Study

Mentoring (优律思美 中文辅导)

Stage Art Music and Speech Eurythmy for Artistic Sharing

Refreshing Original Provoking Uplifting Loving

Artistic repertoire

Creation of Eurythmy with musicians and speech artists for art research or performing art

with musicians, speech artists/theatre

Informational Sharing/Artistic/Educational

Online or in-person Talk & Demo to enrich the life of your community

Eurythmy Talk & Demo

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