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FLUID movement

Heilkunst Health for eurythmists


"Everything we experience as meaningful makes us healthy"

(Ah-Reverence to the deep meaningfulness of life)

Evolving Consciousness
Completing Human

Heilkunst approach is based on a deeper understanding of human being as the spirit living on earth, applying Rudolf Steiner's dynamic view of human physiology and development. Disease is not materially caused, although it involves matter at the physical material level. Heilkunst approach works with the physical body (not limited to the material chemical), the etheric (life) body, the astral body and the Self (both the ego and the true Self or ontic organization) to bring health to the complete human organism, supporting one's higher purpose in life. 


This comprehensive alternative health approach includes life style regimenal advice (nutrition and more) and a systematic treatment to remove both past traumas as well as inherited disease patterns (chronic miasms) with energetic medicine (homeotonic and homeopathic) and deeper miasmatic treatment.


Consultations take place privately online worldwide. Remedies are included in the consultation fee and mailed directly to you. 


~> To learn more and to book an appointment visit my page at Hahnemann Clinic for Heilkunst.  

What is Heilkunst?

Evolving Consciousness
Completing Human

My Heilkunst Journey

It was during my Heilkunst study at the Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst that I was led to Rudolf Steiner's work and the art of eurythmy. Later during my eurythmy training at Eurythmy Spring Valley, my continuing Heilkunst treatment gave me a greater understanding of what I was learning in my eurythmy class. This understanding helped me to be able to let go of many inner resistances and to become more fluid in my eurythmy movement. Therefore I would like to offer this opportunity to all my eurythmy fellows, teachers and students alike.


Having gone through a physically and emotionally exhilarating full-time eurythmy training, I want to offer you my service to help you on this journey. It is a journey of the soul, but also of the body. By becoming healthier from within, we move more effortlessly. What we see in the eurythmy movement is the movement of healthy human beings.


The visible soul expressions are the healthy human souls. That is a powerful experience for all with whom we share our eurythmy.

Evolving Consciousness
Completing Human

Evolving Consciousness
Completing Human

FLUID movement
Heilkunst treatment
for eurythmists

"FLUID movement" Heilkunst treatment for eurythmists includes 

  • (physical-etheric level) natural nutritional dietary advice, whole-food based and science-oriented, with preparation tips

  • (etheric-astral level) physical-etheric sequential timeline treatment: removing past traumas (accidents, insults, loss, surgery, etc) using homeopathic remedies (included within the consultation fee); working through inherited disease patterns (chronic miasms: psora, malaria, tuberculosis, ringworm, sycosis, cancer, syphilis, lyme)

  • (astral-Ego level) objective listening and counselling on relationship dynamics, preventative, making meaning out of personal encounters, purifying personal emotions and transforming them into objective feelings 

By removing emotional blockages through the Heilkunst process, you become more open to other impressions, creating space for you to accept different experiences, becoming more sensitive to space around you, while becoming stronger and more flexible in your soul and in your body.


So the music sings and the sound speaks, through the healthy you, fluidly. You will also gain mental alertness, become more relaxed and less distracted by your fleeting thoughts, demonstrating an enhanced ability to work with your colleagues harmoniously.

(A sliding-scale special rate applies to eurythmy fellows and students.)

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