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"Soul Gymnastics"

Thursdays Mar 9-30, 2017

Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas

Eurythmy class for adults

Enjoy exercises working on strengthening the soul forces. Calming and Centering. Integrate thinking, feeling, and willing through harmonious movement! Let the formative movement behind our speech sounds heal us! Enliven our soul life and invigorate our body!


What is Eurythmy?

Thursday Mar 2, 2017

Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas 

Eurythmy talk

For modern man and consciousness the work of the soul is as our task. Eurythmy is an art of movement where "the whole human being becomes soul in the movement". Join the talk to learn more about it.


Welcome the New Year

with Inner Harmony

Jan 21 & 22, 2017

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Eurythmy class for adults

The new art of movement for our time. Welcome the new year with Inner Harmony through movement of speech. For adults of all ages. No previous experience necessary. 

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Harmonious Movement with music

Saturdays Oct 29-Nov 19, 2016

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Eurythmy class for adults

Eurythmy is the only art form born out of anthroposophy. All other art forms (architecture, sculpture, painting, music, dance, poetry) have already existed for a long time. Eurythmy is new and is the art for our future. In Rudolf Steiner’s own words: eurythmy “embodies” anthroposophy.

Life is formed out of “movement”. With eurythmy one learns to experience consciously this formative movement of Life and to bring about our Imagination capacity. The media if one wants to point to a physical media for eurythmy, is air, as incarnated through music and through human speech. While in music/singing and in speech the movement has become concentrated and manifested through localized region, in eurythmy the whole being is brought to move! Eurythmy is visible singing and visible speech. It is wholly artistic as Life is, it is therapeutic as the nature of art, it is socially healing! And it is fun! It can be light and serious, humorous and dramatic, as Life is! It is the movement of polarities! Expansion and contraction, centre and periphery! Come to find out more! 

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