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sound E [ei]
Why do we practice

If we look deeper into our heart, we realize that we all want to be useful and fruitful. We want to live productive days, to create, to create something awesome. Well, that "something" could be music for some, effective website for others, or a tasty meal and delicious cupcakes, stimulating writing and faster cars. That outer "something" we each want to create may be different. But what's common among us is the desire to activate that creative energy. Have you ever felt strongly about something you wish to do but you just seem never to be able to get to do it? 


What brings us to realize our dream is the will force. Many distractions lie in our path to prevent us from getting to our dream of life. Life is full of that--resistance to give us the opportunity to strengthen the will force. We are destined to be "co-creators". Life on earth is to unfold our unique creativity.


Eurythmy practice is such an exercise, a meditation, an art, a movement, a therapy, a social art, that wakes up the soul forces within and aligns our life energy to create. We are here "to purify ourselves all the resistance that prevents us from reaching the highest" - Hallelujah.

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