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Eurythmy is the new art of movement for our time

Eurythmy is the movement that is inherent in all living beings, in the growth of plants, in the ebb and flow of the ocean, in the digestion of food, and in the forming of speech and singing. As an art, eurythmy has been practiced since the early 1900s in Germany. Over 1,000 Waldorf schools across the world have eurythmy as a key part of the curriculum to help develop healthy children. Eurythmy has been brought to the workplace to develop teamwork and strengthen collaboration, enhance job satisfaction, safety and productivity. Performance groups in the world bring the art of eurythmy to the stage with live music and speech. More people could improve their wellness if curative eurythmy were more readily available.

Eurythmy is en-souled movement. The origin of the movement is the soul. The physical body then carries the movement into the visible realm. It makes visible the beauty of our soul life. It balances us as spiritual beings between heaven and earth. It is the art of movement for us human beings as we express I AM through music and language.

Eurythmy strengthens the soul. With regular eurythmy exercise, the soul becomes more flexible and one becomes calm and centered. The movement can be adjusted to all physical ability. People of all ages can benefit from eurythmy. Flexible soul, flexible body and mind.

[endif]--When I first encountered eurythmy in Ottawa seven years ago, I immediately felt at home in this movement! I AM home. Finally a movement that is for my whole being! It can be exhilarating, stimulating, relaxing and grounding. The best way of course is to experience it yourself. ![endif]--

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